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Antica Pizza Now you can order our products with delivery or in a package

Quality products,

Italian pizzeria & obtained from some of the most appreciated artisans in Italy

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in optimal safety conditions, anywhere in Bucharest


memorable flavors and textures, classic Italian flavor

Antica Pizza

Antica Pizza quality commitment:

  • We make the crust in house, following an authentic recipe, with a dough leavened for 48 hours, made from a mixture of 2 types of noble Italian flour
  • We use only high quality ingredients, brought from the most appreciated Italian producers and artisans;
  • We selected classic recipes and created other personalized, special ones, meant to highlight the flavors and textures of the ingredients used;
  • We ensure transparency in the preparation process, offered by the open kitchen;
  • We offer delivery, with our own logistics, which allows us to have total control over the product, from the moment of creation, until delivery to the customer.
For the best Antica Pizza experience, we invite you to our location in Amzei Square, on 1-3 Christian Tell Street.
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For Codiv-19 prevention, we take maximum precautions in our deliveries.

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What do others say about us?

“Worth the experience! Punctuality is one of their strengths! ”


“The best pizza in town. I recommend with confidence! ”


“Quality services. Fast delivery and seriousness. ”


Antica Pizza

The Antica Pizza Grocery Shop

To create a classic Italian pizza, that is tasty and memorable, we tested and selected quality ingredients from Italian producers and artisans. As we discovered and selected our favorites, we realized that they are so tasty that we decided to offer them to our customers and friends, not only in pizza recipes, but as special products. Thus, the Antica Pizza grocery store was born inside the restaurant. Here, you will find Caputo flour, Gran Tritto tomato sauce, Casa Modena Calabrian spianata, smoked pancetta, Parma S / O prosciutto, Napoli salami, Barra piccante sausage, Norcia salsiccia, coppa Parma, Sinissi green olives, mortadella with pistachios, mozzarella fior di latte from Sorrentina, Cantadora artisanal cheeses, buffalo mozzarella from Bella Contadina, as well as many other gastronomic delights.  

Visit us in our venue located on 3 Christian Tell Street or place an order online in our e-shop.